News Link • Blockchain • 2017-10-16

Zilliqa blockchain reaches 2488 transactions per second about one third of VISA...

Zilliqa is a blockchain developed by National University of Singapore researchers.

They are planning to write another article to share more technical details, but for now we would like to highlight the tasks that we finished to move from testnet v0.1 to testnet v0.5:

* They have implemented full support for sharing transaction body asynchronously between nodes, not pegged to transmitting the blocks themselves. This by itself posed significant challenges to the coordination of the protocol running on the nodes. This required careful tuning and protocol optimizations.
* They have reorganized the intra-shard and inter-shard network topology to make block and transaction propagation much more efficient.
* They have incorporated several optimizations for inter-node communication, data transmission and data processing.

Reported By Robert Lee