The Crown has claimed regulatory control of every means of conveyance, stifling the free travel of individuals and their property. This is an intolerable act. Superior transportation technologies already exist, but are suppressed by regulations.

Volkswagen Will Invest Over $1 Billion To Convert Factory To EV Production Only

Volkswagen has announced a €22.8 billion investment package (2018-2022) in the future viability of its plants throughout the world, including a €14 billion envisioned specifically for German plants.

Blue Origin flies booster and crew capsule

Blue Origin New Shepard flew again for the seventh time on Dec. 12, 2017, from Blue Origin's West Texas Launch Site.

Toyota and Panasonic investigating prismatic batteries to try to find an electric car advantage

Toyota and Panasonic are launching a "feasibility study" to investigate the technological potential of batteries that use prismatic cells.


The Aeroscraft allows for the first time the development of a point to point transportation system that is unencumbered by the limitations of legacy hub and spoke logistics.

Elon tweets we should already have bases on the moon

Elon tweets we should already have bases on the moon. Elon had said the same thing in the Spacex Mars Plan presentation.

Watch Blue Origin's New Shepard 2.0 Spacecraft Soar in 1st Test Flight

Blue Origin took its new reusable spaceship out for its first spin yesterday (Dec. 12), and you can watch the test flight's highlights in a dramatic new video.

Self driving trucks, trains and drilling save costs and boost mine production

The mining company Rio Tinto has been running robotic trucks for over ten years. Seventy-six of their 400 mining trucks are robotic.

Electric off-roader blurs the line between motorcycle and bicycle

The lightweight LMX 161-H is an electric motorcycle styled after downhill bicycles, fusing elements from both worlds. Initially designed for extreme off-road use, the two-wheeler is now the subject of crowdfunding campaign in search of the resources

Fashion on the final frontier: The story of the spacesuit

Ever since NASA retired the silver lamé Mercury spacesuits of the early 1960s astronauts have fallen a little behind in the fashion department, but now a new generation of spacesuits is being developed for both the public and private sectors.

Japan Airlines pre-orders 20 Boom supersonic passenger jets

Japan Airlines has made a $10 million investment and pre-order of 20 Boom supersonic passenger jets.

Sport Copter

Sport Copter

Top 10 vertical takeoff Gyrocopter The Past , Present & the Future

A collection of vertical takeoff gyros from the past , the present and the future If you think the gyros from today are advanced ,think again and watch my informative video regarding existing and future vertical takeoff gyros .

Space Heavy test launch will try to reach Mars with a Tesla Roadster

Space Heavy test launch next month will try to reach Mars with Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster.

Facility to test SABRE air-breathing engine under construction

With the goal of providing single-stage-to-orbit capabilities that will enable spacecraft to take off and land like aircraft, and potentially ushering in an age of hypersonic air travel, Reaction Engines' Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABR

China completing small floating and submersible nuclear reactors around 2020

China is starting construction on a marine nuclear power platform which is designed to supply power for the country's offshore oil drilling platforms and islands.

EV4 Off-Road Quad

EV4 Off-Road Quad

Armed with tough computer chips, scientists are ready to return to the hell of Venus

In an underdog city, at an underdog NASA lab, researchers are thinking hard about an undeservedly neglected planet. Venus is Earth's cousin, closest in composition and size, but for decades it has remained veiled.

Want longer-lasting roads? Just add graphene

It's getting to the point where it seems like adding a dash of graphene can improve just about anything.

Transportable solar powered EV charging station

Envision Solar's patented EV ARC™ is the worlds only transportable, solar powered EV charging station.

Could graphene ripples be tapped into as a clean, limitless energy source?

As if graphene wasn't versatile enough already, researchers at the University of Arkansas have now found a way for the two-dimensional material to be used as a source of clean and potentially unlimited energy.

World's first all-electric autonomous container ship to set sail in 2018

While self-driving cars are regularly in the news, we haven't heard as much noise on the autonomous shipping front, which could have equally far-reaching ramifications.

Volvo to supply Uber with up to 24,000 self-driving SUVs for taxi fleet

A fleet of self-driving Volvo vehicles operated by Uber Technologies Inc. could be ready for the road as early as 2019, marking the ride-hailing firm's biggest push yet to roll out autonomous cars.

How Many Uber and Lyft Drivers Will Lose Their Jobs? All of Them

Uber will buy 24,000 autonymous Volvo cars in 2019-2021. Nearly every driving job will vanish, faster than most think.

Making Sense Out of Tesla's Semi Truck Economics

During Tesla's semi truck unveiling they presented some pretty impressive economic numbers. I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed and could not get the numbers to add up. Once understood the number DO make sense. Here's why.

Pentagon: ISIS 'Defeated' But US Will Stay in Syria

Russia Questions What US Goal in Syria Has Become

Small and passively safe Nuclear reactors for NASA and military missions

This month NASA will start testing a tiny 1 kilowatt uranium fission reactor Stirling engines for use in possible future missions to Mars.

China wants to catch up to US rockets in 2020 and then get nuclear spaceships in 2045

China plans a fleet of nuclear carrier rockets and reusable hybrid-power carriers by the mid-2040s.

US government should support Spacex and quickly develop moon bases

Spacex expects they will receive additional funding from the U.S. government for the BFR and Raptor engine. Spacex would still build the BFR even without government money.

Using Spacex BFR to rapidly and affordably build interplanetary photonic railway by the 2030s

The Lubin UCSB laser propulsion system efforts have been funded by Breakthrough Starshot for $100 million.

Laser arrays for propelling spaceships can also be used like nuclear cannon weapons

A powerful 70 gigawatt laser propulsion system that could accelerate an 100 kilogram object over 122 seconds to 2% of light speed (6000 kilometers per second) would also be able to fire kinetic projectiles at nuclear weapon power.

Meet the Tesla Semitruck, Elon Musk's Most Electrifying Gamble Yet

Elon Musk has always dreamed big, and tonight he showed off his biggest reverie yet: the fully electric Tesla Semi. Powered by a massive battery and capable of hauling 80,000 pounds, it can ramble 500 miles between charges. It'll even drive itself

Terrafugia flying car company bought by Chinese automaker

Of the various companies that are developing flying cars, US-based Terrafugia is perhaps the one that we hear about the most … and it may soon become even more well-heard-of. That's because it's just been purchased in its entirety by China's Zhejia

Asgardia, the world's first 'space nation', takes flight

The world's first "space nation" has taken flight. On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence in outer space by launching the Asgardia-1 satellite. The "nanosat" -- it is roughly the size of a loaf of bread -- undertook a two-day journey from N

China builds world's fastest wind tunnel to test weapons that could ...

strike US within 14 minutes...Researchers want new facility to be up and running by 2020 as race to develop hypersonic technology intensifies

In photos: Concepts, customs and flying bikes from EICMA 2017

Aside from the 2018 production models that debuted at EICMA 2017, the Italian motorcycle show traditionally garnishes its centerpieces with a variety of exhibits ranging from prophetic concepts like KTM's 790 Adventure and Moto Guzzi's V85, to flambo

Planetary Resources delivers Arkyd 6 asteroid mining technology demo for launch Dec 2017

Planetary Resources is planning to mine the asteroids in the 2020s. Planetary Resources delivered the Arkyd-6 spacecraft, their second technology demonstrator. The spacecraft has officially begun its journey to the launch pad. In the weeks leading up

Moon, Mars, Asteroid and orbital colonzation and cities

Andy Weir wrote the Martian. His new book is about a lunar colony of 2000 people late in the 21st century. He looked at the science and economics of a lunar colony.

Volkswagen Thing Might Make Comeback As Electric Vehicle

Could debut after the production Microbus-inspired EV.

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images

2018 Vespa Eletricca Goes 62 Miles Per Charge, Or 124 With Gas Range Extender

There are not many brands with the cache of cool that Vespa effortlessly carries in its fluid lines.

UberAir flying cars coming to Los Angeles in 2020

Uber says that by 2020 they will be testing a few flying cars in Los Angeles and a real commercial flying car service will follow a few years later.

150 kw Laser should begin testing on an AC-130 in 2018 and a megawatt laser drone...

150 kw Laser should begin testing on an AC-130 in 2018 and a megawatt laser drone possible in the 2020s

Waymo to Offer Paid-Ride Robot-Only Chauffeurs 2018

Waymo vans loaded with laser LiDAR, radar, cameras, computers, AI and no human safety drivers will pick up Arizonans registered in its "Early Riders" program within a few months. Commercial, paid-ride service starts in 2018.

Electric Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Houses Battery In Body, Sports 4 In-Wheel Motors

With a bodyshell that doubles as a battery and self-healing carbon-fiber construction, this is as far-out as concept cars get. We love it.


KSP is a game where the players create and manage their own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.

China will launch a reusable spaceplane in 2020

China plans to launch its reusable spaceplane in 2020, according to a statement from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Project Formula: Russian hoverbike creators take aim at VTOL flying car

The Russian team that brought us the terrifying Scorpion Hoverbike (now being flown by the Dubai police department) is working toward a 5-seater VTOL air taxi.

Protean Electric in wheel motors will first get adopted by chinese carmakers

Protean Electric is an award-winning technology company that has developed an in-wheel electric drive system for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric light-duty vehicles.