The Crown has claimed regulatory control of every means of conveyance, stifling the free travel of individuals and their property. This is an intolerable act. Superior transportation technologies already exist, but are suppressed by regulations.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Rimac C_Two – Our Top 20 Images

The Rimac C_Two, unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, is one of the most beautiful cars ever made and one of the quickest, too.

AeroMobil reveals electric VTOL flying car concept

Like Terrafugia and Pal-V, AeroMobil has developed a flying car/roadable aircraft that requires a runway in order to take off and land. This Wednesday, however, the Slovakia-based company announced its plans for an electric VTOL (vertical take-off an

London to New York in 3.5 hours:

Mini-Concorde Baby Boom plane that will travel at 1,687mph is a step closer to take off after a 'milestone' engine delivery

Advanced Vasimr plasma drives and SpaceX BFR trip times

The Vasimr rocket is on track to a 100-hour continuous firing this summer of the company's VX200SSTM VASIMR® prototype at a power level of 100 kW.

Future of humanity in Space with SpaceX, Planetary Resources, Blue Origin and Starlabs

There were MIT presentations about getting into space and beyond the cradle of the Earth

Google Is Turning Ads Into Games You Can Play

Google is introducing new playable ads inside other games. It's an ad-Inception.

Hyundai Kite – Dune Buggy With Electric Propulsion

Hyundai, in partnership with Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), designed a special all-electric dune buggy concept called Hyundai Kite.

Theoretical progress on producing and storing several grams of antimatter per year

There was a 2016-2017 Kickstarter for Antimatter fuel production.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Now Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother After One Year In Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly set a record for the longest single spaceflight in history and now NASA is saying the trip made him a "new man" as well.

"Rebar graphene" foam supports 3,000 times its own weight

Graphene spends most of its time in a two-dimensional form, but that makes it hard to make use of its long list of advantages, like its strength, light weight, and electricity and heat conduction.

Kitty Hawk autonomous flying taxi officially unveiled

Kitty Hawk, the same group of California dreamers who introduced the leisure-focused Flyer last year, has revealed an all-electric, self-piloted air taxi in New Zealand.

Elon Musk: Humans Must Colonize Mars To Survive WW3 But AI Is More Dangerous...

Elon Musk: Humans Must Colonize Mars To Survive WW3 But AI Is More Dangerous Than Nukes

Coming Soon to a Front Porch Near You: Package Delivery Via Drone

Federal authorities promise unmanned aircraft proponents: 'We'll help you get there'

Proto-molecular nanotechnology –

– Programmable Molecular Fabrication of trillions of functionalized carbon nanotubes

Amazon airship to launch its delivery drones; Amazon Go grocery store - Compilation

1. Jan 4, 2017 -- Amazon has filed a patent for a self-driving airship that can store inventory and be used as a base to launch delivery drones.

FLYRIDE® , Zapata's new invention !

Latest water product from Zapata, Flyride® enables you to fly and slide on the water, providing new sensations. Easy to use, it was especially designed to be accessible to all, regardless to the user's level.

Foiler "flying yacht" is a sleek, hybrid-powered hydrofoil

The Foiler from Enata Marine is an impressively styled blend of hybrid diesel-electric propulsion with a retractable hydrofoil system that, quite literally, elevates the luxury yacht.

Elon Musk says The Boring Company will focus on transporting pedestrians ahead of cars

Musk has received criticism in recent months from public transit advocates

Zapata Ezfly: The jet-powered aerial Segway anyone can fly

The Zapata Ezfly looks for all intents and purposes like a Segway of the sky. You stand on a small platform equipped with a series of jet thrusters, holding two handgrips that come up from the base, then rise up into the air and zoom around, steering

A different view every week: The self-elevating, off-grid, luxury floating home

Florida-based company Arkup has floated the concept of an off-grid, liveable luxury yacht.

Waymo self-driving trucks to start hauling cargo next week

Waymo has clocked up millions of self-driving miles since starting Google's autonomous vehicle project in 2009, celebrating 5 million of them by recently releasing a 360-degree video to demonstrate how its cars see the world around them.

Production-ready $600,000 Pal-V Pioneer Flying Car shown in Geneva

The quest to become the world's first commercially available flying car is one that will go down to the wire when legal, safety and regulatory hurdles have been overcome and the first owner settles into the seat.

Scaled Composites new X-plane takes to the skies

Scaled Composites Model 401 experimental plane has completed its maiden flight.

Solar-powered two-seater plane will soar to the edge of space

Solar planes have already traversed the Alps and flown around the world, but one team has its sights set a little higher: the edge of space. SolarStratos is planning to fly a solar-powered plane to an altitude of over 80,000 ft (24,000 m), from where

Electric off-roader blurs the line between motorcycle and bicycle

The lightweight LMX 161-H is an electric motorcycle styled after downhill bicycles, fusing elements from both worlds.

Lightweight platform concept points the way to longer-range EVs

Just last month, Williams Advanced Engineering announced it would be teaming up with Singer Vehicle Design to create a 500-hp air-cooled flat-six.

Bridgestone rolls out an airless bike tire

It was six years ago that we first heard about Bridgestone's prototype AirFree Concept automobile tires, which utilized flexing thermoplastic resin "spokes" instead of compressed air.

Rimac C_Two 1,914-hp electric hypercar can drive itself if you're too scared

Ladies and gents, please put your hands together for one of the fastest cars ever built.

Why is Paul Allen building the world's largest airplane? Perhaps to launch a space ...

shuttle called Black Ice...A massive airplane being built by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen moved a step closer to flight last week, when it crept out of its hangar in Mojave, Calif., and practiced rolling down the runway, hitting a top speed of 46

Luxury solar yacht is just as spectacular as we anticipated

Remember the luxury zero emission Solarwave 62 catamaran designs from the end of 2015?

Plimp Airships

who we are The PLIMP airship represents an innovative new class of aircraft, developed by Egan Airships.

Test track has 33 times lower air pressure as progress towards 4000 kilometer per hour trains

Having super-high speed trains travel in vacuum or very low pressure is an idea that has been around for centuries and the maglev vacuum concept has been around for decades.

SpaceX Texas launch facility would massively increase the number of SpaceX launches

SpaceX is building a private spaceport in Boca Chica Village, Texas and the rocket launch facility should be ready around September 2018.

Hitachi and Honda team up for cheaper electric motors

As electric cars become more common, manufacturers are battling to find new ways to improve their hardware and lower costs.

Big future in low cost small rockets

Customizable smallsats can cost as little as $11,000 these day. Planet Labs now operates more than 200 Earth-observing smallsats for governments, agricultural companies, investment firms and others. 6,200 smallsats are expected to be launch over the

Moon Mineralogy suggests widespread water on the moon

A new analysis of data from two lunar missions finds evidence that the Moon's water is widely distributed across the surface and is not confined to a particular region or type of terrain.

This Electric Aircraft Features A 900-kWh Battery, 650-Mile Range

The company first showed the mock-up at the 2017 Paris Air Show and was present at the recent Singapore Airshow with a promise of first flights this year. Commercialization is to begin in 2019.

DARPA will kick off a space launch competition in April, 2018

DARPA will kick off a space launch competition in two months. Currently the only details are they want fast launches.

European Mars orbiter completes 11-month aerobraking maneuver

It has to be one of the slowest parking attempts ever made, but ESA's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) has completed a daring maneuver that saw it surfing the outer layers of the Martian atmosphere for 11 months. The purpose of the exercise was to gra

Rigid solar EnergySail set for sea trials next year

Eco Marine Power is preparing to put its rigid solar energy sails through their paces next year.

"Tesla Ships" – AKA Massive Electric Container Ships – To Launch Later This Year

This summer Port-Liner is expected to launch its first battery-electric barges that will run between Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Rotterdam ports in Europe.

Major Taxi Disruption on Horizon: California Driverless Cars by April

Driverless cars, with no person in the vehicle, may come to California as soon as April if rules are approved Monday.

Spinlaunch is using large centrifuges to accelerate to payloads into space...

SpinLaunch is raising $30 million to use large centrifuges to power catapult to launch payloads into space.

Core Tubular Steel Slabs are up to 20 times lighter than reinforced concrete

Broad Group which has built factory mass produced skyscrapers has a new construction innovation – Core Tubular Steel Slabs (CTS).

Netflix Just Unveiled the Trailer for 'Lost in Space' Reboot -- and It Looks Awesome!

The classic sci-fi series "Lost in Space" is launching back to television on April 13 by way of Netflix, which unveiled the first teaser for the series today (Feb. 21).

Bigelow Aerospace Launches New Company to Operate Private Space Stations

A company that builds big, inflatable space habitats has launched a new venture that will market and operate these structures in Earth orbit and beyond.

Airbus' 'flying taxi' isn't much to look at, but it's a major step toward electr

A very confused helicopter? Or the future of aerial mobility?

AirSpaceX's autonomous, electric air taxi lands in Detroit

Airspace Experience Technologies, LLC (AirSpaceX) has given a preview of its vision for the future of air taxi services at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

SpaceX Just Launched Its First High-Speed Internet Satellites Into Orbit

The goal, to create a constellation of more than 12,000 satellites, is part of a project called Starlink.