Living in the information age has not insulated us from misinformation. When the Crown controls education it controls the very lens through which we see the world. To see the world as it is requires us to re-evaluate how we educate ourselves, and others.

AI will allow humans to 'communicate via TELEPATHY'

HUMANS may soon be able to communicate without speaking a word as a leading tech company develops "brain augmentation".

Humans 2.0: meet the entrepreneur who wants to put a chip in your brain

Bryan Johnson's company, Kernel, aims to improve mental function and treat disorders by creating a brain interface

CRISPR-Cas9 technique targeting epigenetics reverses disease in mice

Scientists report a modified CRISPR-Cas9 technique that alters the activity, rather than the underlying sequence, of disease-associated genes. The researchers demonstrate that this technique can be used in mice to treat several different diseases.

New metallic glass material created by starving atoms of a nucleus

Metallic glass is an emerging type of material, so its secrets are still being discovered. While working with the stuff, a team of Yale researchers created a brand new type of metallic glass, by shrinking samples down to the nanoscale until it forms

Game changing nuclear molten salt reactor will be cheaper than natural gas

Recently , Terrestrial Energy Inc.'s (TEI) announced the completion of the first phase of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) pre-licensing vendor design review.

Thorcon floating supertanker molten salt reactors starting with 2021 prototype

ThorCon is a liquid-fuel fission power plant, under development in the US, to be built in a far-east shipyard, then floated to Indonesia, with testing starting in 2021.


IcyBall was a name given to two early refrigerators, one made by Australian Sir Edward Hallstrom in 1923, and the other design patented by David Forbes Keith of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (filed 1927, granted 1929), and manufactured by American Powel C

Colorado School of Space Mining

Since the 1990s, the Colorado School of Mines has been a leading institution for the study of space resources and in situ resource utilization (ISRU).

Tesla actually built the world's biggest battery. Here's how it works.

Get amped to learn about lithium-ion energy storage!

Want longer-lasting roads? Just add graphene

It's getting to the point where it seems like adding a dash of graphene can improve just about anything.

Could graphene ripples be tapped into as a clean, limitless energy source?

As if graphene wasn't versatile enough already, researchers at the University of Arkansas have now found a way for the two-dimensional material to be used as a source of clean and potentially unlimited energy.

Gamma rays from lightning found to create antimatter in the air

Lightning is one of Earth's most energetic events, but there's much more to it than just a flashing fork and the rumble of thunder.

Making Sense Out of Tesla's Semi Truck Economics

During Tesla's semi truck unveiling they presented some pretty impressive economic numbers. I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed and could not get the numbers to add up. Once understood the number DO make sense. Here's why.

Brain implant boosts human memory by mimicking how we learn

A "memory prosthesis" brain implant has enhanced human memory for the first time.

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images

Transistor breakthrough brings liquid computers closer to reality

In a step towards creating a new class of electronics that look and feel like soft, natural organisms, mechanical engineers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing a fluidic transistor out of a metal alloy of indium and gallium that is liquid at


KSP is a game where the players create and manage their own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.

How this couple earns a six figure annual income with 1.5 acres of land

(Natural News) Can small-scale farming in the modern age really generate enough income for the average family to make an honest living?

When There is No Doctor:

11 Medicinal Herbs To Help You Ease Pain Naturally

Air-Breathing Aqueous Sulfur Flow Battery for breakthrough ultralow cost energy storage

Joule Journal – Air-Breathing Aqueous Sulfur Flow Battery for Ultralow-Cost Long-Duration Electrical Storage

Bigelow and ULA plan expandable B330 orbital lunar space station in 2022

Bigelow Aerospace and United Launch Alliance (ULA) are working together to launch a B330 expandable module on ULA's Vulcan launch vehicle. The launch would place a B330 outfitted module in Low Lunar Orbit by the end of 2022 to serve as a lunar depo

Entirely automated giant 3D printing and robotics rocket factory

Relativity Space wants is reimagining the way rockets are built and flown with massive 3D printing.

Stanford Says Its Sodium-Based Battery Beat Lithium On Most All Fronts...

Stanford Says Its Sodium-Based Battery Beat Lithium On Most All Fronts, 80% Cost Reduction Possible

Magnetoshell getting ready for cubesat tests

David Kirtley, MSNW, LLC, Magnetoshell Aerocapture for Manned Missions and Planetary Deep Space Orbiters

A DIY Space Suit for the 99 Percent

Taking a balloon up into the lower stratosphere may seem crazy, but to Cameron M. Smith it's an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Scientists Claim to Have Proof that Time Travel Exists

Not much is happening economically speaking this Sunday evening so let's ponder the ability to travel back in time such that the future can change the past.

Learn about your Arduino through 15 awesome projects

The Arduino Bootcamp offers over 9 hours of pure knowhow for $15.

Tech Breakthrough Will Save The Electric Car Market

A new technology is here that has the potential to reshape lithium production like fracking reshaped oil.?

Asphalt-lithium metal batteries fully charge in five minutes

As useful and ubiquitous as they are, lithium-ion batteries are nearing their limits, and it's unlikely we'll be able to squeeze much more juice out of them.

Researchers Connect Human Brain To Internet For The First Time In History

"Brainternet" was created by two fourth year students at a university in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion

Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion

Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes like a Pyramid

Researchers from Finland and Taiwan have discovered how graphene, a single-atom-thin layer of carbon, can be forged into three-dimensional objects by using laser light.

Human brains connecting to the internet in realtime

Biomedical engineers at Wits are connecting a human brain to the internet in real time.

UK Shows off mockup of 50 kw combat laser mounted in turret

The UK showed a mockup of a 50 kw Dragon Fire combat laser mounted in a turret.

AI computer chips made of mice neurons that can SMELL explosives could transform...

AI computer chips made of mice neurons that can SMELL explosives could transform airport security

Twisted carbon nanotubes can harvest energy and store 250 watts per kilogram

An international research team led by scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas and Hanyang University in South Korea has developed high-tech yarns that generate electricity when they are stretched or twisted.

DIY Powerwall Builders Are Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

In May of 2015, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's Powerwall. The battery allows homeowners to store electricity, either from the grid or solar panels.

9 Ways To Start a Fire Without Matches

There is a primal link between man and fire.

Ecstasy of Bitcoin

Fundstrat Founder Tom Lee forecast that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin could rise to $6,000 a coin by the middle of next year.

Toyota Says It'll Launch Solid-State Battery EVs In 2022

We feel like we've heard this countless times already, but here we go again.

If only we had a real left-wing instead of poseurs who suck their thumbs and lie

If only we had a real left-wing instead of poseurs who suck their thumbs and lie

12 of the most POWERFUL antibiotics you can get without a prescription

(Natural News) We have entered a truly dangerous period in human history in which not only have we lost touch with traditional, natural treatments for infection, but improper and excessive use of antibiotics has led to drug-resistant superbugs.

Smallest fully functional space probes now in orbit are precursors to interstellar chipsats

Breakthrough Starshot plans to launch a fleet of tiny interstellar chipsize probes to Proxima Centauri in 30 or 40 years.

Top 5 things to know about the Floating CIty Project, Feb 2014

The Seasteading Institute's Joe Quirk breaks down the top five things to know about our Floating City Project. Visit our website to learn more, read the DeltaSync design concept report, fill out our survey if you want to live on the first floating ci

Trying to get strong?

Forget muscles, you need to work out your NERVES by lifting heavy weights, new study finds