Living in the information age has not insulated us from misinformation. When the Crown controls education it controls the very lens through which we see the world. To see the world as it is requires us to re-evaluate how we educate ourselves, and others.

Roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition system makes long sheets of high quality graphene

MIT has combined a roll-to-roll approach -- a common industrial approach for continuous processing of thin foils -- with the common graphene-fabrication technique of chemical vapor deposition, to manufacture high-quality graphene in large quantitie

The Art of Soldering

The story of solder, the unsung hero of the digital revolution that benefits from a low melting point. It's what keeps the circuits attached to the silicon.

Nanomachine made from DNA nanorings

Researchers from the USA, University of Bonn and the research institute Caesar in Bonn have used nanostructures to construct a tiny machine that constitutes a rotatory motor and can move in a specific direction. The researchers used circular structur


10 very useful life hacks with plastic bottles

Tour of the Moon in 4K

Take a virtual tour of the Moon in all-new 4K resolution, thanks to data provided by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. As the visualization moves around the near side, far side, north and south poles, we highlight interesting features,

Nanoscale "supersoap" allows liquid 3D structures to be printed within other liquids

Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) have found a way to "print" narrow tubes of water within liquid-state silicon oil.

Electron holography microscope with spatial resolution down to one atom

Researchers at Leti, a CEA Tech institute, recently developed an electron holography technique capable of imaging material structures with a spatial resolution of just one atom.

How to Pick a Lock With a Paper Clip

So you know how to pick a lock with a tension wrench and rake. This is an incredibly useful skill, which will allow you to get in your house if you get locked out without having to call a locksmith, and will also allow you to help others who've bec

22 Old Weather Proverbs That Are Actually True

When you really think about it, the weather impacts our decisions every single day. What we wear, when we leave for our morning commute, the chores we do, the hobbies we partake in, the family activities we plan. And on and on the list goes of how ou

Bleach, Hand Sanitizer, or Natural Cleaning Products? What to Use When

There's always a ferocious debate among people who swear by bleach, hand sanitizer, or natural cleaning products. But the fact is, there's no black and white answer. There are times and places for each of these.

Sixth Grader Writes a 57-Page Book About Bitcoin

An 11-year old named Andrew Courey from Massachusetts just published a book on bitcoin so the younger generation can grasp this emerging technology that's been sweeping the globe. The sixth-grader considers himself an expert on bitcoin, and his 57-

Core Tubular Steel Slabs are up to 20 times lighter than reinforced concrete

Broad Group which has built factory mass produced skyscrapers has a new construction innovation – Core Tubular Steel Slabs (CTS).

'Star Trek Online' Offers Custom 3D-Printed Starships

"Star Trek Online" players can put a lot of time into choosing, outfitting and customizing their starships, and now that work can follow them into the real world -- with hand-painted 3D-printed starships based on their exact designs.

Bigelow Aerospace Launches New Company to Operate Private Space Stations

A company that builds big, inflatable space habitats has launched a new venture that will market and operate these structures in Earth orbit and beyond.

China reveals military exoskeletons which are behind current US exoskeletons

China has a new lighter and stronger military exoskeleton. Refinements in weight, ergonomics, and power supply could boost the second-generation exoskeleton's coefficiency ratio. Norinco claims that the reduced weight increases battery performance.

Within 24 months SpaceX could begin providing gigabit internet to the USA

Elon Musk's SpaceX won an endorsement on Wednesday from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to build a broadband network using satellites.

Engineering The Strongest Foam in the World

Motherboard visits the laboratory of Nikhil Gupta, a professor who is currently working on creating lightweight metal foams that could be a game changer for our transportation of tomorrow.

Coming to a Home Depot near you:

Coming to a Home Depot near you: Tesla's "invisible" solar roof tiles and home energy storage units will become available this year

Photons entangled to make new form of light

Photons, the elementary particles that make up light, are known to be fast, weightless and to not interact with each other.

New desalination membrane produces both drinking water and lithium

Seawater is a complex cocktail of useful minerals, but it's hard to separate out the specific ones we need.

New Hack Can Steal Data From Devices in Faraday Cages

Last year Wikileaks released documents detailing how attackers can compromise offline computers. This new study goes one step further, exposing the fallibility of Faraday cages

Elon Musk and Tesla will make multi-layer assembly and other car factory advances or die trying

2018 will be a transformative year for Tesla Motors. Elon Musk is all-in on creating a making his multi-layer assembly line and capital efficient robotic assembly.

New Tesla Model 3 Battery Line Could Increase Output By Factor Of 4

One of the overlooked takeaways from the recent Tesla earnings call was connected to automation in battery module production.

The Dow Falls 1,032 Points! Has The Financial Crisis Of 2018 Officially Arrived?

We haven't seen this kind of a bloodbath on Wall Street since the great financial crisis of 2008

Think and plan a lot bigger in space as the SpaceX BFR will give 1000 times old...

Think and plan a lot bigger in space as the SpaceX BFR will give 1000 times old space capabilities

Honda's Mobile Power Pack – One Battery Powers Everything From ATV To Tiny Scooter

Honda recently presented its Mobile Power Pack World – a single battery module for all sorts of different applications.

SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH: 2,000 planets detected outside Milky Way Galaxy

THOUSANDS of planets have been detected outside of the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time in a landmark discovery by a group of esteemed astronomers.

100 Petawatt lasers could generate antimatter from vacuum and create commercial nuclear fusion

In Shanghai, China, physicist Ruxin Li and colleagues are breaking records a pulse laser at the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility (SULF). At the center is a single cylinder of titanium-doped sapphire about the width of a Frisbee. In 2016

Precise control of the properties of plastics

A team of researchers at the Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MIPT, and elsewhere has found out how the regularity of polypropylene molecules and thermal treatment affect the mechanical properties of the en

Measuring space telescope distortion to one-tenth the size of a hydrogen atom will enable...

Measuring space telescope distortion to one-tenth the size of a hydrogen atom will enable earth sized exoplanet analysis

Super-strong aluminum as strong as steel

Researchers have demonstrated how to create a super-strong aluminum alloy that rivals the strength of stainless steel, an advance with potential industrial applications.

Flatpack Urban Farm Grows 6.6 Tons of Food in 538 Square Feet

This flatpack urban farm only takes up 538 square feet, but its creators say that it can yield as much as 6 tonnes (6.6 tons) of fresh produce per year.

NASA's X3 ion thruster smashes records in test firings

A human settlement on Mars is rapidly moving from science fiction to fact, with Elon Musk envisioning Battlestar Galactica-style fleets blasting off to the Red Planet in coming decades.

Here's Elon Musk's $600 Boring Company flamethrower

Here's Elon Musk's $600 Boring Company flamethrower...

Key hurdle overcome towards organic solar cells up to 1000 times cheaper...

Key hurdle overcome towards organic solar cells up to 1000 times cheaper than solar panels

Graphene Nanoribbons are 100 times brighter than previous single molecule devices

Researchers observed a bright and narrow band emission of red light from individual graphene nanoribbons, only 7-atom-wide, at a high intensity comparable to bright light-emitting devices made from carbon nanotubes.

Device creates negative mass and a new way to generate lasers

Most objects react in predictable ways when force is applied to them--unless they have "negative mass." And then they react exactly opposite from what you would expect.

Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 launched and deployed successfully

The Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 spacecraft was launched and deployed in space. This 6U cubesat is packed with power including 17 computing elements.

Virgin Galactic will send tourists into space within MONTHS...

Virgin Galactic has completed another successful glide test of its VSS Unity spaceplane, putting the company on track to send tourists into space within months.

Lawrence Livermore unlocks 3D printing to smaller than 150 nanometer features

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have discovered novel ways to extend the capabilities of two-photon lithography (TPL), a high-resolution 3D printing technique capable of producing nanoscale features smaller than one-hundredt

The largest prime number ever discovered is 23 million digits long

Numbers might not sound like they need discovering, but a crowd-sourced project has now identified the largest prime number known. The number was discovered by the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), an online project of citizen scientists

Status of Quantum computer hardware

D-Wave Systems has commercially sold 2000 qubit quantum annealing systems.

Nvidia is delivering 30 TeraFLOP AI Chip Xavier to customers

With more than 9 billion transistors, Nvidia's Xavier is the most complex system on a chip ever created, representing the work of more than 2,000 NVIDIA engineers over a four-year period, and an investment of $2 billion in research and development.

Intel has 49 qubit superconducting quantum chip and a neuromorphic chip

At CES 2018, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the successful design, fabrication and delivery of a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip.

Progress to human cell sized transforming robots made from atomically thin paper

Microscale machines – equipped with electronic, photonic and chemical payloads – could become a powerful platform for robotics at the size scale of biological microorganisms.

Creepy: New AI can READ YOUR MIND by decoding your brain signals … kiss your ...

personal privacy goodbye...(Natural News) We live in a society that is obsessed with oversharing. While it's becoming increasingly difficult to tune out the trivial bits of people's lives that we don't care about, we can still choose not to sig

Graphene aerogel is seven times lighter than air, can balance on a blade of grass

Chinese material scientists have created the world's lightest material: A graphene aerogel that is seven times lighter than air, and 12% lighter than the previous record holder (aerographite).

Graphene : Demonstration of Graphene (HRCM) to Indian Scientific delegation led by ...

Grphene : Demonstration of Graphene (HRCM) to Indian Scientific delegation led by Dr.Vijay Bhatkar.

Colorado makes breakthrough soft muscle for soft robots that is cheap, strong and effective

The University of Colorado has created next generation healing soft muscle actuators. It is inspired by biological muscle.

Stronger and tougher fiber created by MIT

MIT has used new gel electrospinning for thinner fibers. This has enabled them to create materials that are stronger and tougher than Kevlar and Dyneema.