Humanity’s labor has been greatly expanded by the use of machines. We must maintain decentralized automation for the future use of labor saving and humanity serving tools, or we will be victims of the Crown’s automatons.

Breakthrough AI convolutional neural network using an optical coprocessor

Optalysys has created convolutional neural network using its optical coprocessor.

Robots break new ground in construction industry

As a teenager working for his dad's construction business, Noah Ready-Campbell dreamed that robots could take over the dirty, tedious parts of his job, such as digging and leveling soil for building projects.

$10 million XPrize contest looks to usher in the era of real-life robotic avatars

XPrize contests are nothing if not examples of big picture thinking.

"Rebar graphene" foam supports 3,000 times its own weight

Graphene spends most of its time in a two-dimensional form, but that makes it hard to make use of its long list of advantages, like its strength, light weight, and electricity and heat conduction.

Permitted 3D printed home made in less than 24 hours for less than $4000

ICON has built the first permitted 3D printed home in America. ICON is one of the first new businesses to launch from the Saturn Five startup studio, based in Austin, TX.

Kitty Hawk autonomous flying taxi officially unveiled

Kitty Hawk, the same group of California dreamers who introduced the leisure-focused Flyer last year, has revealed an all-electric, self-piloted air taxi in New Zealand.

Coming Soon to a Front Porch Near You: Package Delivery Via Drone

Federal authorities promise unmanned aircraft proponents: 'We'll help you get there'

Proto-molecular nanotechnology –

– Programmable Molecular Fabrication of trillions of functionalized carbon nanotubes

Plimp Airships

who we are The PLIMP airship represents an innovative new class of aircraft, developed by Egan Airships.

Meet The Clever Robot That's Ready to Take On Your Shopping Addiction

Robots are historically pretty bad at picking things up.

Hitachi and Honda team up for cheaper electric motors

As electric cars become more common, manufacturers are battling to find new ways to improve their hardware and lower costs.

AI voice cloning from a few seconds of voice sampling is real and rapidly improving

Baidu has demonstrated that a single deep learning voice system could learn to reproduce thousands of speaker identities, with less than half an hour of training data for each speaker. This capability was enabled by learning shared and discriminative

New firefighting robot gets put to the test

SAFFiR, the US Navy's experimental firefighting robot, may be in for some competition. That's because researchers at Italy's IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia have successfully tested a new-and-improved version of the WALK-MAN humanoid robot, which

"Tesla Ships" – AKA Massive Electric Container Ships – To Launch Later This Year

This summer Port-Liner is expected to launch its first battery-electric barges that will run between Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Rotterdam ports in Europe.

Major Taxi Disruption on Horizon: California Driverless Cars by April

Driverless cars, with no person in the vehicle, may come to California as soon as April if rules are approved Monday.

Airbus' 'flying taxi' isn't much to look at, but it's a major step toward electr

A very confused helicopter? Or the future of aerial mobility?

AirSpaceX's autonomous, electric air taxi lands in Detroit

Airspace Experience Technologies, LLC (AirSpaceX) has given a preview of its vision for the future of air taxi services at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

China reveals military exoskeletons which are behind current US exoskeletons

China has a new lighter and stronger military exoskeleton. Refinements in weight, ergonomics, and power supply could boost the second-generation exoskeleton's coefficiency ratio. Norinco claims that the reduced weight increases battery performance.

Garment Bots Will Replace 60 Million Apparel Workers

The end of the line is coming for 60 million global apparel workers, mostly in Sootheast Asia.

Eight flying taxis that are so crazy, they just might work

Flying taxis still seem very much like something pulled right out of science fiction, but when transport heavyweights like Boeing, Airbus and Uber start pumping millions of dollars into their development, it might be time to take all of this a bit mo

Elon Musk and Tesla will make multi-layer assembly and other car factory advances or die trying

2018 will be a transformative year for Tesla Motors. Elon Musk is all-in on creating a making his multi-layer assembly line and capital efficient robotic assembly.

This people-moving drone has completed more than 1,000 test flights

The flying taxi could soon be spotted in Dubai and Las Vegas.

New Tesla Model 3 Battery Line Could Increase Output By Factor Of 4

One of the overlooked takeaways from the recent Tesla earnings call was connected to automation in battery module production.

Think and plan a lot bigger in space as the SpaceX BFR will give 1000 times old...

Think and plan a lot bigger in space as the SpaceX BFR will give 1000 times old space capabilities

Pornhub Is Banning AI-Generated Fake Porn Videos...

The giant porn site puts deepfakes in the same category as revenge porn.

Honda's Mobile Power Pack – One Battery Powers Everything From ATV To Tiny Scooter

Honda recently presented its Mobile Power Pack World – a single battery module for all sorts of different applications.

It Begins: First-Ever Self-Driving Delivery Truck Seen On Public Roads

A Bay Area tech company is claiming the world's first delivery of goods by a self-driving car on public roads, after its electric cargo truck carried groceries from the posh Draeger's grocery store in San Mateo to two nearby locations Tuesday.

Super-strong aluminum as strong as steel

Researchers have demonstrated how to create a super-strong aluminum alloy that rivals the strength of stainless steel, an advance with potential industrial applications.

Self-sailing drones set to explore the Southern Ocean

Australian research group CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) will be using aquatic drones to explore the Southern Ocean.

Is techno-farming going to replace chemical farming? Some farmers are switching...

from herbicides to robots for their weed problems... (Natural News) Robotic weeders are growing in popularity, an expert said, to support the growth and proliferation of specialty crops, or crops that are not mass-produced, and which include vegetabl

Aviation Meltdown: Robots To 'Replace Human Pilots'

Most commercial airliners already fly mostly on autopilot and are able to land and take off with little pilot assistance. The next big wave of AI will be to replace human pilots altogether. Thus, aviation will follow the lead of automotive transporta

Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 launched and deployed successfully

The Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 spacecraft was launched and deployed in space. This 6U cubesat is packed with power including 17 computing elements.

Contracts for consensual one-night stands? There's an app for that

One-night stands may soon become commitments thanks to an app that creates contracts for consensual sex.

Climb Inside Bell's (Theoretical) Flying Taxi of the Future

Flying cars will start filling the skies above you by 2020. So says Uber, anyway, which wants to launch air taxi trials over major cities including Dallas, Dubai, and Los Angeles. And somehow, it's not completely crazy: The technology to produce and

Lawrence Livermore unlocks 3D printing to smaller than 150 nanometer features

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have discovered novel ways to extend the capabilities of two-photon lithography (TPL), a high-resolution 3D printing technique capable of producing nanoscale features smaller than one-hundredt

Status of Quantum computer hardware

D-Wave Systems has commercially sold 2000 qubit quantum annealing systems.

Intel has 49 qubit superconducting quantum chip and a neuromorphic chip

At CES 2018, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced the successful design, fabrication and delivery of a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip.

Creepy: New AI can READ YOUR MIND by decoding your brain signals … kiss your ...

personal privacy goodbye...(Natural News) We live in a society that is obsessed with oversharing. While it's becoming increasingly difficult to tune out the trivial bits of people's lives that we don't care about, we can still choose not to sig

Graphene aerogel is seven times lighter than air, can balance on a blade of grass

Chinese material scientists have created the world's lightest material: A graphene aerogel that is seven times lighter than air, and 12% lighter than the previous record holder (aerographite).

Sewer-cleaning robot may finally end 'horrendous' practice of sending poor labourers ...

The Bandicoot robot is designed by a group of young entrepreneur engineers They claim the robot can do the grim job much quicker than human workers

This AI-Fortified Bot Will Build the First Homes for Humans on Mars

When humans are finally ready to relocate civilization to Mars, they won't be able to do it alone.

Colorado makes breakthrough soft muscle for soft robots that is cheap, strong and effective

The University of Colorado has created next generation healing soft muscle actuators. It is inspired by biological muscle.

Stronger and tougher fiber created by MIT

MIT has used new gel electrospinning for thinner fibers. This has enabled them to create materials that are stronger and tougher than Kevlar and Dyneema.

The Implication Of Rapidly Improving Artificial Intelligence

? TN Editor [/su_note]Articles like this keep popping up but there is still no serious national debate on the ethics and morality of this technology. Technocrats give lip-service to it, but only to justify it. ? TN Editor [/su_note]

Experts Warn Of A Tech Take-Over As Robots With Ai seize control

When enough unemployment is created by robots, Universal Basic Income will replace wages and offer a bone to the 'unemployables' This is were the risk of slavery most profoundly. ? TN Editor

A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit: The Implication Of Rapidly Improving Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing the human voice, new tech gadgets can play music, search the web, shop online, check the weather, and even switch on the lights or control the central heating.

The Age of Graphene: Samsung's Revolutionary Battery Technology

Pre-historic times and ancient history are defined by the materials that were harnessed during that period. We have the stone age, the bronze age, and the iron age. Today is a little more complex, we live in the Space Age, the Nuclear Age, and the In

Foldimate laundry folding robot can be pre-ordered in 5 days

You will be able to pre-order clothes folding robots starting in 5 days and 5 hours from