Energy independence turns the gears of the visionary’s imagination, and grants us individual control of our modern lives. No meaningful alternative to the Crown’s system can be achieved without exploring decentralized energy production and storage.

Volkswagen Will Invest Over $1 Billion To Convert Factory To EV Production Only

Volkswagen has announced a €22.8 billion investment package (2018-2022) in the future viability of its plants throughout the world, including a €14 billion envisioned specifically for German plants.

Powering up: The biggest battery breakthroughs of 2017

Batteries are the engine room for so much of the modern world, from smartphones to laptops and weird new scooters to the emerging fleets of autonomous trucks.

Prototype for two beam laser fusion system within a decade if no major hurdles arise

Dramatic advances in laser technology are close to making the two-laser approach feasible, and a spate of recent experiments around the world indicate that an 'avalanche' fusion reaction could be triggered in the trillionth-of-a-second blast...

LPP Fusion is 90% of the way to hitting funding goal

LPP Fusion is nearing their minimum funding level for their latest round of financing.

Toyota and Panasonic investigating prismatic batteries to try to find an electric car advantage

Toyota and Panasonic are launching a "feasibility study" to investigate the technological potential of batteries that use prismatic cells.

Breakthroughs could make commercial laser nuclear fusion through billion times improvements in yield

Two recent scientific breakthroughs have opened a new way to laser fusion reactions according to startup HB11 Energy.

Game changing nuclear molten salt reactor will be cheaper than natural gas

Recently , Terrestrial Energy Inc.'s (TEI) announced the completion of the first phase of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) pre-licensing vendor design review.

Thorcon floating supertanker molten salt reactors starting with 2021 prototype

ThorCon is a liquid-fuel fission power plant, under development in the US, to be built in a far-east shipyard, then floated to Indonesia, with testing starting in 2021.

Cryptocurrency Miners Are Using Old Tires to Power Their Rigs

This new "waste-to-energy" setup is meant to be less resource intensive.

NASA testing ultra-simple small nuclear reactors that will power missions to Mars and beyond

NASA is pushing forward on testing a key energy source that could literally "empower" human crews on the Mars surface, energizing habitats and running on-the-spot processing equipment to transform Red Planet resources into oxygen, water and fuel.


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IcyBall was a name given to two early refrigerators, one made by Australian Sir Edward Hallstrom in 1923, and the other design patented by David Forbes Keith of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (filed 1927, granted 1929), and manufactured by American Powel C

Why do monitor more than individual cell voltage?

Reporting on cell voltages is not enough, cell bolt temperature, bypass current and accumulated bypass mAh give early warning to other characteristics about the battery pack.

20 kWh Powerwall working beyond expectations!

This project is now at 40kwh of storage with fully configurable BMS from

System Sizing Worksheets

Everyone is welcome to use our home PV solar electric system sizing worksheets - Version 1.

Mars and beyond: Modular nuclear reactors set to power next wave of deep space exploration

NASA is planning to put astronauts on Mars one day and since the Red Planet is about as off the grid as you can get, the space agency is developing a new generation of modular nuclear reactors to power manned outposts. Under funding from the Space Te

Converting all windows to transparent solar would provide 25% of US electrical needs

If every window in the United states was converted to transparent solar cell windows with 10% solar efficiency then researchers claim it would produce 80% of the electrical needs of the USA.

Tesla actually built the world's biggest battery. Here's how it works.

Get amped to learn about lithium-ion energy storage!

China completing small floating and submersible nuclear reactors around 2020

China is starting construction on a marine nuclear power platform which is designed to supply power for the country's offshore oil drilling platforms and islands.

Solar supercapacitor creates electricity and hydrogen fuel on the cheap

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are slowly hitting the streets, but although it's a clean and plentiful fuel source, a lack of infrastructure for mass producing, distributing and storing hydrogen is still a major roadblock.

Transportable solar powered EV charging station

Envision Solar's patented EV ARC™ is the worlds only transportable, solar powered EV charging station.

Could graphene ripples be tapped into as a clean, limitless energy source?

As if graphene wasn't versatile enough already, researchers at the University of Arkansas have now found a way for the two-dimensional material to be used as a source of clean and potentially unlimited energy.


Have you ever considered living in a houseboat? Here is our list of 15 incredible houseboats

Elon Musk has finished building the world's biggest battery in less than 100 days

As promised to help South Australia with energy problems

Volvo to supply Uber with up to 24,000 self-driving SUVs for taxi fleet

A fleet of self-driving Volvo vehicles operated by Uber Technologies Inc. could be ready for the road as early as 2019, marking the ride-hailing firm's biggest push yet to roll out autonomous cars.

Making Sense Out of Tesla's Semi Truck Economics

During Tesla's semi truck unveiling they presented some pretty impressive economic numbers. I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed and could not get the numbers to add up. Once understood the number DO make sense. Here's why.

Small and passively safe Nuclear reactors for NASA and military missions

This month NASA will start testing a tiny 1 kilowatt uranium fission reactor Stirling engines for use in possible future missions to Mars.

Laser arrays for propelling spaceships can also be used like nuclear cannon weapons

A powerful 70 gigawatt laser propulsion system that could accelerate an 100 kilogram object over 122 seconds to 2% of light speed (6000 kilometers per second) would also be able to fire kinetic projectiles at nuclear weapon power.

Meet the Tesla Semitruck, Elon Musk's Most Electrifying Gamble Yet

Elon Musk has always dreamed big, and tonight he showed off his biggest reverie yet: the fully electric Tesla Semi. Powered by a massive battery and capable of hauling 80,000 pounds, it can ramble 500 miles between charges. It'll even drive itself

Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor that will make nuclear as cheap as natural gas passes...

Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor that will make nuclear as cheap as natural gas passes first certification hurdle

Particle Physics Discovery...

Particle Physics Discovery: Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion

Protean Electric in wheel motors will first get adopted by chinese carmakers

Protean Electric is an award-winning technology company that has developed an in-wheel electric drive system for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric light-duty vehicles.

Toyota solid stqte batteries

Toyota believes solid-state battery technology can double the capacity of today's lithium-ion battery technology, and help EVs travel further on a full charge.

Air-Breathing Aqueous Sulfur Flow Battery for breakthrough ultralow cost energy storage

Joule Journal – Air-Breathing Aqueous Sulfur Flow Battery for Ultralow-Cost Long-Duration Electrical Storage

Sodium-ion battery beats lithium for cost effectiveness

Lithium-ion batteries are the current reigning energy-storage champion, powering everything from phones to cars. But as good as it is as an electrode material, lithium is relatively rare, and the cost of mining and refining it can blow out the budget

Toshiba's new fast-charging battery could triple the range of electric vehicles

A key focus of electric vehicle (EV) makers is maximizing the range users can get from each charge, and for that reason new battery technologies are poised to play a huge part in driving their adoption.

LPP fusion claims to have achieved nuclear fusion confinement record of 200 kiloelectron volts

LPP Fusion has submitted a paper for peer review to the journal Physics of Plasmas, in which Lerner and his coauthors claim to have produced a confined mean ion energy of 200 kiloelectron volts, equivalent to a temperature of over 2 billion kelvins.

Google Loon will restore Puerto Rico internet and Elon Musk will provide solar and batteries

More than 90 percent of people on the island of Puerto Rico don't have power, and more than 80 percent don't have access to wireless cell service, according to the most recent advisories from FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission.

Progressing to Solid-State Lithium Batteries

A research group led by professor Jan D. Miller of the University of Utah's Department of Metallurgical Engineering has received a $191,700 grant to aid the development and commercialization of a solid polymer electrolyte/electrode technology for l

Musk Says Tesla Could Scale Up Powerpack/Solar To Untie Puerto Rico...

Musk Says Tesla Could Scale Up Powerpack/Solar To Untie Puerto Rico From Grid, Talks Could Soon Be Underway

Roll out solar provides 10 times the mobile power

Roll-up solar panels are being used to help power an island off the coast of Cardiff.

Tech Breakthrough Will Save The Electric Car Market

A new technology is here that has the potential to reshape lithium production like fracking reshaped oil.?

Asphalt-lithium metal batteries fully charge in five minutes

As useful and ubiquitous as they are, lithium-ion batteries are nearing their limits, and it's unlikely we'll be able to squeeze much more juice out of them.

"Artificial blowhole" generates electricity from ocean waves

Wind and solar power are becoming increasingly attractive alternatives to fossil fuels, but renewables are a rich tapestry, and the more threads we can weave together, the better.

Why James Dyson Could Steal Elon Musk's Electric Car Throne

The British inventor described his vision for "something quite unique and better" than the status quo in a company-wide email this week.

Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion

Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion

Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes like a Pyramid

Researchers from Finland and Taiwan have discovered how graphene, a single-atom-thin layer of carbon, can be forged into three-dimensional objects by using laser light.

Dyson will spend about $3 billion to make solid state battery electric car by 2020

British vacuum cleaner maker Dyson announced Tuesday that it is working on a "premium" electric car that will go on sale in 2020. They expect to spend at least $2.7 billion (£2 billion) on the car and battery technology.

Lithium metal battery prototype boasts 3 times the capacity of lithium-ions

The high energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries has led to them powering everything from tiny mobile devices to huge trucks.

UK Shows off mockup of 50 kw combat laser mounted in turret

The UK showed a mockup of a 50 kw Dragon Fire combat laser mounted in a turret.