Energy independence turns the gears of the visionary’s imagination, and grants us individual control of our modern lives. No meaningful alternative to the Crown’s system can be achieved without exploring decentralized energy production and storage.

Solutions for near-term antimatter fusion propulsion using isotope breeding cycle

The world only produces a nanogram of antimatter every year but we cannot store any of it for any length of time.

Liquid metal feeds Stanford's new high-voltage flow battery

Flow batteries have the potential to help store energy on a large scale, and might be particularly useful to back up renewable energy sources, but there are a few issues still to overcome.

AGNI Fusion has innovative hybrid ion beam approach to commercial fusion

AGNI wants to achieve a paradigm shift in energy with a nuclear fusion reactor with 10 times the efficiency of fission and no waste.

Ionic materials could achieve 50% higher energy density while costing less than...

Ionic materials could achieve 50% higher energy density while costing less than $100 per kwh

Room temperature superconductivity evidence with graphene in contact with alkanes

Arxiv – Observation of the Meissner effect at room temperature in single-layer graphene brought into contact with alkanes

Funding for thorium molten salt and other advanced nuclear reactors

Flibe Energy has teamed with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to examine the use of nitrogen trifluoride as an agent to remove uranium from a molten-salt fuel mixture as a preliminary step for the removal of fission products. They will look at f

Cummins Acquires Electric Powertrain Supplier Efficient Drivetrains

Cummins is expanding its competence in electrification through another acquisition of electric and hybrid powertrain supplier Efficient Drivetrains.

Beyond belief: Meet the 5,221-horsepower, battery-powered Bulgarian Batmobile

Ever since electric cars came back onto the menu in the Lithium age, something like this has been coming. Something flatly outrageous, something that smashes the paradigm of the hypercar and lays waste to all before it. Meet the 5,221-horsepower, 303

World record for direct solar water-splitting efficiency

Researchers have increased the efficiency of producing hydrogen from direct solar water-splitting to a record 19 percent.

A voltage breakthrough with perovskite solar cells to edge closer to commercialization

A new technique has produced the highest performing inverted perovskite solar cell ever recorded.

Tokomak Energy UK high temperature superconductors and -

- better magnet path to commercial nuclear fusion

Wendelstein 7-X sets new record in its quest for practical fusion power

Perched loftily on Germany's Baltic coast, the small-to-middling town of Greifswald continues to be at the forefront of research into nuclear fusion. This is in no small part down to the presence of the Wendelstein 7-X - a fusion reactor so complic

Solar power for the whole world could be generated from a relatively small patch...

of land, says report...(Natural News) If the U.S. wants to completely rely on solar power, it will need to set aside a lot of land. But solar energy can fulfill the world's power needs, and an article on Inverse states that the average nation can

On track to commercial extraction of uranium from seawater

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and LCW Supercritical Technologies have created five grams of yellowcake -- a powdered form of uranium used to produce fuel for nuclear power production -- using acrylic fibers to extract it from

Indonesia and ThorCon continue working towards thorium reactor

Bob Effendi, a native of Indonesia, helped ThorCon win its 2015 deals with Indonesian companies to work on thorium nuclear power.

Tesla Supercharger Tally Now Exceeds 10,000

The number of individual stalls in the Tesla Supercharging network now exceeds 10,000… several months behind the schedule, but still it's the biggest such network by far in the world.

GM Teams With Honda To Develop Next-Gen Advanced Battery

It's an unexpected partnership on battery development that we didn't see coming. But we welcome it for sure.

Nuscale small modular reactor will have 20 Percent More Power and better cost performance

NuScale Power small modular reactor (SMR) will be able generate 20 percent more power than originally planned. Advanced testing and modeling tools helped NuScale identify optimization and increased power generation.

Horne Technologies has superconducting IEC fusion device and hope for net power by 2020

Horne Technologies is developing an inertial electrostatic nuclear fusion system. They claim to have the world's first superconducting, high-beta plasma research device in operation.

Strong, Machinable Aerogels Now Commercially Available

Airloys™ are a new class of mechanically robust aerogels with the strength to stand up to real-world applications. In this video, classic silica aerogel is compared with a new material called Airloy X100 which has the low density and superinsulatin

Russia's Amazing Floating Nuke Plants Will Light Up New Arctic Route to Asia (TV News Video)

Russia has by far the largest nuclear energy industry in the world.

The Age of Graphene: Samsung's Revolutionary Battery Technology

Pre-historic times and ancient history are defined by the materials that were harnessed during that period.

Mass production of graphene, MIT develops process to make unlimited high quality graphene

Researchers at MIT have developed a method to produce high quality graphene at a commercial scale.

Japan's NTN to supply in-wheel motor tech to Chinese startup

New drive system will make first appearance in a mass-produced electric vehicle

Magnax prepares to manufacture radically high-powered...

Magnax prepares to manufacture radically high-powered, compact axial flux electric motor

High-altitude, autonomous, solar-powered aircraft flexes wings to ace flight tests

Nestled in between satellites and drones are autonomous aerial vehicles known as High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS), which can soar at the edges of space for long periods of time, acting as telecommunications relays or environmental monitors.

"3D battery" design twists together for split-second charging

Most batteries are made up of a cathode on one side and an anode on the other, with a nonconducting separator between them.

UPDATE – Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Drove Electric Jaguar E-Type At Wedding

The royal wedding car driven away from Windsor was Jaguar Classic's electric 'E-type Zero'

Ultra Capacitor Tech Again Touted As EV Game-Changer

French company NAWA Technologies claims that its ultracapacitor technology could help improve performance/range of electric vehicles.

Atom thin magnetic memory

Researchers report that they used stacks of ultrathin materials to exert unprecedented control over the flow of electrons based on the direction of their spins -- where the electron "spins" are analogous to tiny, subatomic magnets. The materials

Tesla making Model 3 battery packs in 17 minutes down from 7 hours

Tesla Model 3 production can only go as fast as the slowest part of the entire supply chain and production process. For months, the battery module line was their main production bottleneck.

Sila Nanotechnologies Silicon anodes will improve lithium ion batteries by up to 40%

Sila Nanotechnologies has silicon-dominant anode products that drop into existing battery manufacturing processes, replace graphite entirely, and deliver significantly higher energy density at the cell-level with lower swelling.

Fiber-reinforced hydrogel is 5 times stronger than steel

Hydrogels have shown significant potential in everything from wound dressings to soft robots, but their applications have been limited from their lack of toughness – until now.

A Real World 'Star Trek' Replicator Is Now Possible Thanks To New Breakthrough

A startup with alumni from MIT and Yale says it's made a breakthrough in creating a next-generation material that should make it possible to 3-d print literally anything out of thin air.

Roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition system makes long sheets of high quality graphene

MIT has combined a roll-to-roll approach -- a common industrial approach for continuous processing of thin foils -- with the common graphene-fabrication technique of chemical vapor deposition, to manufacture high-quality graphene in large quantitie

MIT researchers develop scalable manufacturing process for graphene sheets

Among the almost limitless use cases for commercial-scale graphene is filtration. MIT engineers say they've now developed a scalable production process for precisely tailored graphene filtration membranes, which could see action in desalination, biol

Thin film converts low grade waste heat to electricity at 19% of carnot efficiency

Nearly 70 percent of the energy produced in the United States each year is wasted as heat.

See Rare Look At Tesla Solar Roof In The Wild, Plus Exclusive Interview

***Update: Our good friend Alex Guberman had an opportunity to travel to a home with one of the first Tesla Solar roof installations. He gets to check it out firsthand and interview the homeowners. We previously shared another of the first installati

Alliance of private fusion companies working to get $100 million prize...

Alliance of private fusion companies working to get $100 million prize for first to achieve net energy

Nuclear Fusion Update

The Conversation claim nuclear fusion is back again.

Progress to scalable roll-to-roll manufacturing of Perovskite Solar Cells

The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is making progress towards scalable fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells.

BMW claims it's developed a process for fast, cheap carbon composite chassis manufacture

If there's one thing motorcyclists want more of in their lives, it's carbon fiber.

Breakthrough for rechargeable non-aqueous magnesium-metal battery...

Scientists at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have discovered a new approach for developing a rechargeable non-aqueous magnesium-metal battery.

"CUORE" experiment seeks to get to the heart of the matter – and antimatter

Deep below the mountain of Gran Sasso in central Italy, under nearly a mile of solid rock, the CUORE (Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events, and Italian for "heart") experiment is underway to help us understand one of astrophysics's great

Saudi has $200 billion deal with Softbank for 200 GW of solar by 2030

Saudi Arabia's crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Softbank to build 200 GW of solar power by 2030 at a cost of $200 billion.

Radioisotope Positron Propulsion

Current state of the art in-space propulsion systems based on chemical or ion propellants fail to meet requirements of 21st century space missions.

Mach Effect Propellantless drive gets NIAC phase 2 and progress towards ...

James Woodward and the Space Studies Institute has a Phase 2 NASA Innovative Advanced funded study.

Pulsed Fission-Fusion (PuFF) Propulsion Concept gets Phase 2 NIAC funding

The pulsed fission fusion propulsion (PuFF) system envisions using a pulsed z-pinch to compress a fission-fusion target.

Researchers believe it will be economical to convert CO2 into various fuels

Researchers claim they are on the cusp of a CO2-recycling revolution, which would capture CO2 from power plants--and maybe even directly from the atmosphere--and convert it into these fuels at scale, they report today in Joule.

"CUORE" experiment seeks to get to the heart of the matter – and antimatter

Deep below the mountain of Gran Sasso in central Italy, under nearly a mile of solid rock, the CUORE (Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events, and Italian for "heart") experiment is underway to help us understand one of astrophysics's great