Energy independence turns the gears of the visionary’s imagination, and grants us individual control of our modern lives. No meaningful alternative to the Crown’s system can be achieved without exploring decentralized energy production and storage.

Sodium-ion battery beats lithium for cost effectiveness

Lithium-ion batteries are the current reigning energy-storage champion, powering everything from phones to cars. But as good as it is as an electrode material, lithium is relatively rare, and the cost of mining and refining it can blow out the budget

Toshiba's new fast-charging battery could triple the range of electric vehicles

A key focus of electric vehicle (EV) makers is maximizing the range users can get from each charge, and for that reason new battery technologies are poised to play a huge part in driving their adoption.

LPP fusion claims to have achieved nuclear fusion confinement record of 200 kiloelectron volts

LPP Fusion has submitted a paper for peer review to the journal Physics of Plasmas, in which Lerner and his coauthors claim to have produced a confined mean ion energy of 200 kiloelectron volts, equivalent to a temperature of over 2 billion kelvins.

Google Loon will restore Puerto Rico internet and Elon Musk will provide solar and batteries

More than 90 percent of people on the island of Puerto Rico don't have power, and more than 80 percent don't have access to wireless cell service, according to the most recent advisories from FEMA and the Federal Communications Commission.

Progressing to Solid-State Lithium Batteries

A research group led by professor Jan D. Miller of the University of Utah's Department of Metallurgical Engineering has received a $191,700 grant to aid the development and commercialization of a solid polymer electrolyte/electrode technology for l

Musk Says Tesla Could Scale Up Powerpack/Solar To Untie Puerto Rico...

Musk Says Tesla Could Scale Up Powerpack/Solar To Untie Puerto Rico From Grid, Talks Could Soon Be Underway

Roll out solar provides 10 times the mobile power

Roll-up solar panels are being used to help power an island off the coast of Cardiff.

Tech Breakthrough Will Save The Electric Car Market

A new technology is here that has the potential to reshape lithium production like fracking reshaped oil.?

Asphalt-lithium metal batteries fully charge in five minutes

As useful and ubiquitous as they are, lithium-ion batteries are nearing their limits, and it's unlikely we'll be able to squeeze much more juice out of them.

"Artificial blowhole" generates electricity from ocean waves

Wind and solar power are becoming increasingly attractive alternatives to fossil fuels, but renewables are a rich tapestry, and the more threads we can weave together, the better.

Why James Dyson Could Steal Elon Musk's Electric Car Throne

The British inventor described his vision for "something quite unique and better" than the status quo in a company-wide email this week.

Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion

Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion

Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes like a Pyramid

Researchers from Finland and Taiwan have discovered how graphene, a single-atom-thin layer of carbon, can be forged into three-dimensional objects by using laser light.

Dyson will spend about $3 billion to make solid state battery electric car by 2020

British vacuum cleaner maker Dyson announced Tuesday that it is working on a "premium" electric car that will go on sale in 2020. They expect to spend at least $2.7 billion (£2 billion) on the car and battery technology.

Lithium metal battery prototype boasts 3 times the capacity of lithium-ions

The high energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries has led to them powering everything from tiny mobile devices to huge trucks.

UK Shows off mockup of 50 kw combat laser mounted in turret

The UK showed a mockup of a 50 kw Dragon Fire combat laser mounted in a turret.

Orsos Island - the smallest personal floating island yet in a fast growing market

The concept of a floating island has been with us throughout history, but sprang back into the limelight just four years ago when Wally Yachts came up with an island-themed megayacht named the Wally Island.

EPC is leading the world to a new age of wireless power

Nextbigfuture interviewed Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC. EPC is a leader in Gallium Nitride electronics and now is leading the charge to a new age of wireless power.

Stay cool without electricity:

New "radiative sky cooling" system may prove useful for preppers

Magnesium battery breakthrough means safer batteries that won't explode

Worried about the lithium-ion batteries found in your laptops and cell phones? Your worries will soon be gone because of this new battery discovery.

EPC is leading the world to a new age of wireless power

Nextbigfuture interviewed Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC. EPC is a leader in Gallium Nitride electronics and now is leading the charge to a new age of wireless power.

Collapsible, rotating caravan harnesses solar and wind for efficient off-grid living

While shows like the Australian 4x4 Expo and Overland Expo highlight tough, no-nonsense trailers and motorhomes ready to get dirty right now, the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon dedicates some space to futuristic campers and technologies.

Tesla Powerpack Plus Solar Powers Queensland School, Payback In 6 Years – Video

Tesla has released a video presenting its first single Powerpack installation in a school in Australia, in conjunction with a solar PV system at the Cathedral College in Rockhampton, Queensland.

Despite Other's Initial Efforts, Tesla's Gigafactory Is Years Ahead


DIY Powerwall Builders Are Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

In May of 2015, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's Powerwall. The battery allows homeowners to store electricity, either from the grid or solar panels.

Ford to Create New Brand of Electric Cars in China, GM Sells $5,000 Electric Car

China accounts for forty percent of global electric cars sales. Ford wants to crack that market with Fully Electric Vehicles Sold Under a New Brand, made in China of course.

More durable and longer lasting lithium-ion batteries with nanosheet anodes

Singapore researchers have a new generalized method of producing anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. The anodes are made from metal oxide nanosheets, which are ultrathin, two-dimensional materials with excellent electrochemical and mechanical

China completing first small nuclear reactors in 2020-2021 and plan mass production

China General Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) announced in January 2016 that it would build a floating ACPR50S reactor to enter service in 2020, with a thermal output of 200 megawatts and electrical output of 60 megawatts.

China dominates generation 3+ nuclear reactors

The world's first AP1000 reactor will begin fuel loading in the next two weeks. The power plant will start loading more than 100 fuel assemblies into the honeycomb core of its AP1000 reactor with a pair of robotic arms.

Toyota Says It'll Launch Solid-State Battery EVs In 2022

We feel like we've heard this countless times already, but here we go again.

MXene Combines Supercapacitor Tech With Large Format EV Batteries

Researchers in Drexel University's College of Engineering are developing a new battery electrode design that will enable recharging in minutes…or even seconds.

Metallic Hydrogen claim, criticisms and rebutal

The Metallic Hydrogen Wigner–Huntington transition is only a piece of the story, – the problem of high pressure hydrogen metallization is much more interesting than we thought just a few years ago, with intriguing intermediate phases with unexpec

China will make commercial floating nuclear reactors and reactors for nuclear military ships

A consortium of Chinese organizations is teaming up with state-owned China National Nuclear Power Company to develop and produce small, floating nuclear power plants.

New propulsion system gets CubeSats moving with teaspoons of water

Inexpensive and compact CubeSats are great for certain missions, but their simplicity can limit their applications. For one, most of them don't pack their own propulsion systems, instead hitchhiking into orbit aboard other satellite launches.

Supercapacitors game changing improvement on energy density compared to batteries

Supercapacitors have long been far faster charging than batteries but usually have 40 times less energy density (5 watt hours instead of 200 watt hours) compared to batteries.

Argonne Lab will verify Transatomic Power molten fuel salt

Transatomic Power Corporation has been awarded a second voucher to complete work with the Argonne National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced last month.

Creating nearly perfect meter sized graphene one hundred times faster

Researchers have achieved a leap forward in graphene production, from a technique that synthesizes a few square centimeters of single-crystal graphene in a couple of hours, to...

A Pod Races Through the Hyperloop for the First Time Ever

The future sounds a bit like a witch crying over a dead cat. That spooky wail is the sound hyperloop makes--at least, the version of the high-speed transportation system designed by Hyperloop One, which just took a big stride toward the day it fling

Carbon Nanotubes Turn Electrical Current into Light-emitting Quasi-particles

Strong light-matter coupling in these semiconducting tubes may hold the key to electrically pumped lasers

Off-Road-Ready Tesla Model X Rendered

This macho beast of a Tesla Model X is ready to tackle the toughest terrain.

China producing 60 gigawatts of solar panels this year up 25%

China's solar industry is expected to produce 25 percent more panels in 2017 than last year, supported by domestic sales and demand from the United States and emerging markets, the head of a Chinese industry association said.

A handful of North American advanced nuclear reactor projects have made substantial progress

Third way has a report on 48 north american companies and research institutions working on advanced small nuclear reactors.

Gaye Levy on how to recharge Alkaline batteries.

About a month ago, I learned that it was possible not only to test old alkaline batteries to see if they are still are usable but also that, with the right type of charger, you can bring dead batteries back to life and that you can actually recharge

Los Alamos self regulating reactors from tens of kilowatts for NASA to several megawatts

Los Alamos is working with NASA on nuclear fission systems (Kilopower and MegaPower) as a heat source that transfers heat via a heat pipe to a small Stirling engine-based power convertor to produce electricity from uranium.

Very small modular nuclear fission reactors for military and space applications

The Defense Science Board has a 99 page report which proposes that the US military fund the development of very small nuclear reactors for forward remote operating bases.

OFFGRID Living: How many solar panels and Batteries do you need to run your home?

So you're looking to go off the grid, or maybe just build a backup power system to ensure you can survive a long-term grid down situation? If you're like most people who email us, you probably have a number of questions on how to do it, how much

Lucid Air Prototype Hits 235 MPH On High Speed Oval (w/video)

When 217 miles per hour isn't fast enough you go back to the drawing board if you're Lucid Motors.

Tesla Wins Energy Storage Contract In Australia – 129 MWh / 100 MW

Tesla won the world's largest energy storage order in Australia so the 100 MW-scale, 100 days challenge in now underway.