Flourishing in our new autonomy requires that we construct secure habitats in which to dwell. Cutting edge materials and methods provide unimaginable new options, allowing us greater mobility, and access to many previously uninhabitable environments.

Putin Slams "Pathetic Cabal" Undermining Russian-American Relations In 'Off-Script**Q*

After the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit sent the 'Russiagate' McCarthyite commentariat into overdrive this week, Russian President Putin directly addressed the current climate of fevered and fear-driven Western media panic in what he introduced as "off

Russian firm announces world's largest construction printer

A Russian firm has announced commencement on the world's largest 3D construction printer, capable of printing an entire six-storey building before you can say "regulatory compliance". The S–500 is the work of the AMT-SPETSAVIA group in Russia.

Lockheed 3D printing titanium space parts using garage sized printer

Lockheed is 3D printing titanum fuel tank for Lockheed Martin's largest satellites. Using this manufacturing method, tank delivery time went down from two years to three months (nine times faster) and they are no longer wasting 80% of the materials

What you Need to Know About Water: Collect, Purify, Store

Clean water is important for life and there are many scenarios that can threaten your drinking and cooking supply.

SAFE SPACE This floating 'utopia' will have its own government...

SAFE SPACE This floating 'utopia' will have its own government and cryptocurrency by 2022 – to beat rising sea levels

A voltage breakthrough with perovskite solar cells to edge closer to commercialization

A new technique has produced the highest performing inverted perovskite solar cell ever recorded.

U.S. announces North Korea will dismantle nukes within the year

The United States has a plan that would lead to the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs in a year, President Donald Trump's national security adviser said Sunday.

Breakthrough for large scale printing of wood at ten times lower cost than other 3D printing

Cellulose is the most abundant and broadly distributed organic compound and industrial by-product on Earth.

Wendelstein 7-X sets new record in its quest for practical fusion power

Perched loftily on Germany's Baltic coast, the small-to-middling town of Greifswald continues to be at the forefront of research into nuclear fusion. This is in no small part down to the presence of the Wendelstein 7-X - a fusion reactor so complic

DOJ Won't Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To...

DOJ Won't Release Top Secret Loretta Lynch Intercepts Suggesting Secret Deal To Rig Clinton Probe

Parents swap the suburban life for living on the open road in ---

--an Airstream trailer and homeschooling their three children as they travel

Solar power for the whole world could be generated from a relatively small patch...

of land, says report...(Natural News) If the U.S. wants to completely rely on solar power, it will need to set aside a lot of land. But solar energy can fulfill the world's power needs, and an article on Inverse states that the average nation can

Japan Backs Solid-State Battery Efforts With $90 Million In Funds

Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is trying to leverage research on solid-state batteries for electric cars.

Inspector General Report Shows Secrecy Threatens Democracy

The 500-page inspector general's report released Thursday reveals how unjustified secrecy and poor decisions helped ravage the credibility of both Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the FBI.

Sustainable Prepping: 5 Alternative Energy Types for When the SHTF

There are actually a lot of different types of energy sources to tap into after a disaster strikes.

"Proprietary Communities" and Totally Privatized Government

[The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States. By Peter B. Bos. Free Trade Press, 2015. Xxv + 620 pages.]

Are IQs Really Dropping? - #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome back to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Social Security and Medicare Going Broke Even Faster than Projected

Are you depending on Social Security and Medicare for your retirement? You might want to rethink that plan. These government retirement programs are going broke even faster than expected.

GM Teams With Honda To Develop Next-Gen Advanced Battery

It's an unexpected partnership on battery development that we didn't see coming. But we welcome it for sure.

Nuscale small modular reactor will have 20 Percent More Power and better cost performance

NuScale Power small modular reactor (SMR) will be able generate 20 percent more power than originally planned. Advanced testing and modeling tools helped NuScale identify optimization and increased power generation.

We took an exclusive ride in a flying car

"It's as easy to use as playing Minecraft," Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun said as we watched my colleague Rachel Crane pull on a motorcycle helmet.

Horne Technologies has superconducting IEC fusion device and hope for net power by 2020

Horne Technologies is developing an inertial electrostatic nuclear fusion system. They claim to have the world's first superconducting, high-beta plasma research device in operation.

Cryptocurrency Baskets Are Growing in Popularity

For investors who lack the time, knowledge, or patience to sift through hundreds of cryptocurrencies, there's an easier way. Crypto baskets allow traders to snap up a horde of digital assets in one go, without the need to independently manage them.

Strong, Machinable Aerogels Now Commercially Available

Airloys™ are a new class of mechanically robust aerogels with the strength to stand up to real-world applications. In this video, classic silica aerogel is compared with a new material called Airloy X100 which has the low density and superinsulatin

The Age of Graphene: Samsung's Revolutionary Battery Technology

Pre-historic times and ancient history are defined by the materials that were harnessed during that period.

Mass production of graphene, MIT develops process to make unlimited high quality graphene

Researchers at MIT have developed a method to produce high quality graphene at a commercial scale.



"3D battery" design twists together for split-second charging

Most batteries are made up of a cathode on one side and an anode on the other, with a nonconducting separator between them.

Crypto Floating Island Project Closer to Realization

Blue Frontiers has signed a much-publicized memorandum of understanding with French Polynesia. The Floating Island Project is exactly as it reads, only it's to be an independent government complete with its own cryptocurrency. An idea long thought

A floating Pacific island is in the works with its own government...

If you're struggling to do business or just live under your country's administration, a movement of philanthropists, academics and investors is working on a very sci-fi alternative.

Solar-equipped Off Grid adventure van puts focus on sustainability

Van life, solar power, open-road adventure and sustainable wood ... what more could a fun-seeking millennial want? Maybe a table piled high with avocado toast and an integrated selfie cam with live streaming, but they'll have to figure that out on th

These $10,000 Concrete Homes Are 3D-Printed in Less Than 24 Hours

What makes housing so expensive? Labor costs, for one. According to a 2014 Census Bureau survey, the average single-family home takes about six months to construct, and that's a lot of man-hours. A new type of home from Austin, Texas-based startup IC

The six Skyport designs that could provide the launchpad for Uber's flying taxis

One of the more fanciful aspects of Uber's already pretty fanciful flying taxi service is the concept of Skyports.

Ultra Capacitor Tech Again Touted As EV Game-Changer

French company NAWA Technologies claims that its ultracapacitor technology could help improve performance/range of electric vehicles.

New wood nanofiber biomaterial steals strength record from spider silk

Spider silk has long held the title of strongest natural biomaterial, so scientists have been trying to harness it, mimic it and even improve on the recipe for years.

Sneak peek inside the world's first undersea villa

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, which already has a dramatic under-the-sea restaurant, has announced plans to create the world's first luxurious underwater villa of its kind. Dubbed The Muraka (which means coral), the under-the-sea residence will

Graphene used to make stronger, greener concrete

Graphene, the "wonder material" composed of a one-atom-thick sheet of linked carbon atoms, is the world's strongest manmade material. Now, scientists have used it to create a new type of concrete that is much stronger, water-resistant and eco-friendl

Fiber-reinforced hydrogel is 5 times stronger than steel

Hydrogels have shown significant potential in everything from wound dressings to soft robots, but their applications have been limited from their lack of toughness – until now.

A Real World 'Star Trek' Replicator Is Now Possible Thanks To New Breakthrough

A startup with alumni from MIT and Yale says it's made a breakthrough in creating a next-generation material that should make it possible to 3-d print literally anything out of thin air.

Roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition system makes long sheets of high quality graphene

MIT has combined a roll-to-roll approach -- a common industrial approach for continuous processing of thin foils -- with the common graphene-fabrication technique of chemical vapor deposition, to manufacture high-quality graphene in large quantitie

MIT researchers develop scalable manufacturing process for graphene sheets

Among the almost limitless use cases for commercial-scale graphene is filtration. MIT engineers say they've now developed a scalable production process for precisely tailored graphene filtration membranes, which could see action in desalination, biol

See Rare Look At Tesla Solar Roof In The Wild, Plus Exclusive Interview

***Update: Our good friend Alex Guberman had an opportunity to travel to a home with one of the first Tesla Solar roof installations. He gets to check it out firsthand and interview the homeowners. We previously shared another of the first installati

Drumi foot-powered washing machine in production at last

Aimed at off-grid tiny home dwellers, campers and city folk looking to reduce their environmental impact, and their utility bills, the Drumi originally went up for pre-order back in 2015.

How to cook inside, with no smoke, without gas or electricity

(Natural News) Preppers know that it's important to have options for various survival scenarios.

Survival Condos: A Tour of Bunkers for Rich People in the Middle of Kansas

It's time for another episode of Doomsday Bunkers of the Rich and Famous. You can find the last article about a doomsday neighborhood in Germany right here. This time, we'll travel a bit closer to home - right in the middle of…Kansas. In t

System extracts quarter-liter of water per day per kilogram of MOF from desert air

A system, based on relatively new high-surface-area materials called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), can extract potable water from even the driest of desert air, the researchers say, with relative humidities as low as 10 percent.

Startup will launch luxury space hotel in 2021 and charge about $800,000 per night

Startup Orion Span has developed proprietary technology to drive a full order of magnitude of cost out of the design and manufacture of a space station.

China sperm bank demands loyalty to Communist Party

Beijing's only sperm bank has set loyalty to the Communist Party as a prerequisite for donors, in a sign that China's increasing emphasis on ideological training is being extended to the womb.

Breakthrough for rechargeable non-aqueous magnesium-metal battery...

Scientists at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have discovered a new approach for developing a rechargeable non-aqueous magnesium-metal battery.

Producer Claims 'Very Powerful People' Tried To Stop His Movie About Chappaquiddick...

Scandal When Ted Kennedy Crashed His Car And Left A Young Woman To Drown In Waters Off Martha's Vineyard In 1969...