The Crown has conspired with the medical industry to ensnare us in a web of control and dependency. To avoid their notions and potions it is essential to take responsibility for our own health, and pursue sound medical science.

Vigorous Hair Growth from stem cells could treat baldness

USC researchers have grown hair follicles from skin cells reproduced in vitro in the lab.

Emma the robot masseuse gets to work in Singapore

A robot masseuse named Emma is offering high-tech back rubs with a gigantic metal arm and warm silicone tips.

Scientists Are Racing to Create Synthetic Blood in the Wake of Mass Tragedies

The Las Vegas shooting is the latest reminder that human blood isn't enough for massive, unexpected transfusions.

Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA

In July, scientists reported that a strange protein courses through the veins of pregnant women. No one is sure what it's there for.

Researchers Connect Human Brain To Internet For The First Time In History

"Brainternet" was created by two fourth year students at a university in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Synthetic DNA coverts stem cells to heart muscle is potential tissue regeneration treatment

A newly discovered DNA-targeting molecule could inspire the first tissue regeneration therapies. The synthetic molecule can cause stem cells to transform into heart muscle cells.

Nerve Implant 'Restores Consciousness' To Man In Persistent Vegetative State

Stimulation of the vagus nerve allows patient who had been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years to track objects with his eyes and respond to simple requests

Dental Surgery Robot Fits Implants Without Human Touch

Medical robots driven by data and AI are coming for doctors, surgeons and dentists. One day, such procedures will be totally automated and overseen only by lower-skilled technicians. Displaced doctors will not be pleased with the Universal Basic Inco

Human skin cells transformed directly into motor neurons

Scientists have converted skin cells from healthy adults directly into motor neurons without going through a stem cell state.

PENPOINTING CANCERNew handheld 'pen' allows surgeons to detect cancer in 10 SECONDS..

- making sure they remove all trace of diseaseTests found the tool took just 10 seconds to provide a diagnosis and was more than 96 per cent accurate

AI computer chips made of mice neurons that can SMELL explosives could transform...

AI computer chips made of mice neurons that can SMELL explosives could transform airport security

Neuralink could get up to $100 million for high bandwidth brain computer interface

Elon Musk's Neuralink will invest $100 million on a high bandwidth brain computer interface.

Superbrains Getting Closer?

Musk 'Lines up $100m' to Fund Neuralink Brain-Computer Interface

Metformin could be the first FDA approved antiaging drug

For the last two decades, researchers started comparing the health of diabetics on metformin to those taking other diabetes drugs.

Russia GMO-Free - Prepares To Become Top Producer of Organic Food

This wasn't just a spare of the moment decision either. It came about following years of analyzing the downside to using GMO foods and their overall effects on its consumers. Since there are no biotech industries that thrive there, Russia had no re

Breakthrough cancer drug could be astronomical in price

A new leukemia drug being hailed by doctors as a breakthrough could prove among the most expensive therapies ever on the market: For a single treatment, the price is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scientists remotely hacked a brain, controlling body movements

Imagine someone remotely controlling your brain, forcing your body's central processing organ to send messages to your muscles that you didn't authorize.

A hospital in China has completed an innovative operation to remove six vertebrae ...

from a patient's spine and replace them with 3D-printed titanium prosthetics...Chinese newspaper group People's Daily Online reports that the 28-year-old woman, known only under the alias Xiao Wen, was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in May 2017. T

Genetic enhancement will be many times more powerful than steroids

Clinical trials of CRISPR gene editing, when they start this year (2017), will edit existing cells in adults using an injection of a viral vector.

Science on track to identifying genetics of intelligence within 5 years

Gene-based analyses found 536 genes significantly associated with general cognitive function; many were highly expressed in the brain, and associated with neurogenesis and dendrite gene sets.

Oxford 3D bioprinting scaling to industrial scale tissue printing and organ printing

Scientists at the University of Oxford have developed a new method to 3D-print laboratory-grown cells to form living structures.

Living beings can be turned into programmable computers through "RNA circuits"

(Natural News) Advancements in nanotechnology and synthetic biology could usher in new diagnostic technologies that may kill cancer cells or switch off aberrant genes. These are but a few implied uses of the recent experiments being made by researche

Stem cells activated to make hair grow in mice

UCLA researchers have discovered a new way to activate the stem cells in the hair follicle to make hair grow (in mice).

Industrial-scale high-resolution brain mapping for neuroscience

Neuroscientists who painstakingly map the twists and turns of neural circuitry through the brain are about to see their field expand to an industrial scale.

Daniel Kraft on Singularity Medicine

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and innovator.

DARPA Accelerates Tech Work On Human Enhancing Human Senses

DARPA, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, awarded contracts to six teams working on developing better brain-computer interface technology. The goal, according to DARPA, is to repair and enhance the senses of those with disabilities.

Klotho longevity hormone helped make mice smarter

A shot of klotho, a hormone associated with longevity, seems to make mice smarter. Klotho is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. More than two decades ago, Japanese researchers discovered that this hormone plays a role in aging.

Similar To Morphine: The Weed Every Prepper Should Know About

During a SHTF situation, pain could become an annoyance for some, but unbearable for others. If doctors are scarce and medicine becomes even scarcer, this one little weed, found all over North America and similar to morphine, could be a saving grace.

Of Course This Is What Homeopathic Healing Machines Look Like

Think of alternative medicine, and you probably imagine acupuncture needles, the essential oils of aromatherapy, maybe even crystals with mysterious powers.

Regenerative nanochip restores ANY tissue with 98% success and clinical trials start next year

Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), that can generate any cell type of interest for treatment within the patient's own body.

Youthful Plasticity Restored to the Brains of Adult Mice

The brain loses flexibility with age, impacting the ability to learn, remember, and adapt.

The protein that can make your heart think you exercise

Although it's usually used as a compliment, having a big heart can be a good thing or a bad thing.

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition,

Alternative and Natural Healing Breakthroughs: Following a horrific accident and five years in recovery a legendary figure in research of ancient secrets releases an all natural, all powerful healing secrets of the ancients.

'Breakthrough' penny-sized nanochip pad is able to regrow organs and heal injuries

Scientists have hailed a "breakthrough" technology capable of regrowing damaged organs and healing serious wounds with the single touch of a penny-sized pad.

Breakthrough device heals organs with a single touch

Device instantly delivers new DNA or RNA into living skin cells to change their function

Pouch of stem cells implanted in trial to cure type 1 diabetes

Viacyte, privately-held, leading regenerative medicine company, announced today that the first patients have been implanted with the PEC-Directâ„¢ product candidate, a novel islet cell replacement therapy in development as a functional cure for patie

New Map Reveals Where The World's Most Toxic Countries Are

Believe it or not, the five least-toxic countries are found in Africa. And the most toxic? The Middle East

Flu viral strain found to actually CURE liver cancer in groundbreaking research ...

that obliterates medical narratives of the status quo...(Natural News) You don't have be in favor of vaccines to appreciate the value of viral therapy in certain cases, and a new trial that could give hope to people with deadly liver cancer is one

20,000 genes sequenced for $80 with mobile app access

Silicon Valley startup Helix will sequence your genes for $80 and lure app developers to sell you access to different parts of it.

The Science Behind The Crossfade: Mixing Alcohol And Marijuana

Combining depressant and liberating qualities can produce strange effects.

Mercury & Autism Relationship Confirmed in Longitudinal Study

The international journal Science of the Total Environment has just published a compelling study from the Republic of Korea, where autism prevalence is high.

Trying to get strong?

Forget muscles, you need to work out your NERVES by lifting heavy weights, new study finds

One million neurons Brain-Computer Interface connection targets 2021 clinical trials

The US Department of Defense selected a small San Jose-based company, Paradromics Inc., to lead one of six consortia it is backing with $65 million to develop technologies able to record from one million individual neurons inside a human brain simult

Vitamin D – a new sunburn treatment?

Although a lot of us may already slather on the vitamin E when we get sunburned, it looks like vitamin D might also help our skin to recover. In a recent study conducted by Case Western University, it was found that orally-administered vitamin D can

Scientists Have Uncovered The Atomic Structure of a Key Alzheimer's Protein For The First Time

For the first time, scientists have revealed the chemical structure of one of the key markers of Alzheimer's disease, capturing high-resolution images of the abnormal tau protein deposits suspected to be behind Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative

DNA from sharks that can live up to 400 years could hold secret to a longer life

Scientists have been examining Greenland sharks - some of which were born in the 1750s

3D-printed plastic bot can take biopsies inside an MRI scanner

Engineers at the University of Twente have developed a new biopsy robot made from 3D-printed plastic. This allows it to operate inside a MRI scanner so accurate biopsies can be taken with real-time visualization of the abnormal tissue. It's hoped the

Researchers say frequent ejaculation could save mens' lives

PROSTATE health can be a pretty awkward subject, so prepare to blush at this new research from Harvard University.