News Link • Transportation • 2018-08-01

Arcade City: The Future of Ridesharing Is Decentralized

As civilization becomes evermore digital, young consumers, who generally flock to the sharing economy, are seeking services that are both peer-to-peer and tokenized. And one burgeoning startup is giving Uber and Lyft some unexpected competition.

Creating Competition in the Ridesharing Sector

Arcade City is proof that the market always finds a way. At the end of 2015, new regulations in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, mandated that each rideshare driver had to register with the city as well as comply with outrageously rigorous screening processes before they could accept payment in exchange for rides. Any driver who failed to comply would have to face the legal ramifications—$2,000 or up to one year in jail. This drastically decreased the availability of ridesharing within the city.